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Sweet Sensation Snowberry Garden Plant

Sweet Sensation Snowberry

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Dwarf Snowberry with Year- Round Interest Sweet Sensation (Symphoricarpos) is dwarf Snowberry bush that provides year-round interest.

Plant one as a focal point in your yard or several to create an eye catching attraction year-round.

A dwarf variety of an old favorite, this smaller version of the traditional Snowberry is a must have for any yard.

Resplendent in pink summer flowers and fall berries, your Sweet Sensation features a deeper pink shade than some other varieties.

The diminutive, silver-green foliage sets off the gracefully arching branches to perfection, and the dramatic pink blossoms are a spicy addition to the vibrant shades of summer.

Even when the flowers drop, the decorative pink berries will remain to liven up the dull shades of fall and winter.

Your Sweet Sensation will reach a height of 3-4 feet and spread an equal distance.

It’s large enough to stand out without being too big for most garden spaces.

The berries aren’t edible by humans, but your wildlife will love them, and the summer blooms will be a draw for butterflies and other pollinators.

All in all, your Sweet Sensation is a must have for any landscape where dramatic, long-lasting color is desired.
* Lovely Pink flowers
* Pink Berries
* Wildlife interest

Sweet Sensation Snowberry Order Options