Garden Plant: Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry

Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry Garden Plant

Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry

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Product Description: Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry

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A Little Berry Packed with Power Are you a ‘juicer’? Do you love to find foods that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and great taste? Goji Berries are all that and more! These are a relative new-comer to the American scene, but they are taking the berry world by storm.

The Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berries, Lycium barbarum ‘SMNDSL’ or Wolfberry Goji, are super juicy, bright-red fruits the size of raisins that grow by the hundreds on these plants.

You will have plenty to juice, can, eat fresh and give away.

They have a sweet-sour taste somewhere between a cherry and a cranberry.

These little berries are ranked as a ‘superfood’ packing more antioxidants per bite than any other fruit! Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry is very easy to grow and like full sun.

Grow them on a trellis or stake them as they grow so that you can easily reach all of the wonderful fruit.

They will start fruiting in August and keep on until the first hard frost.

The fruit is great eaten straight from the bush, but they also dry extremely well for a sweet and tangy raisin-like treat.

On top of all of that tangy-sweet goodness, Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry plants bring a nice fragrance to your garden.

They’re deer resistant, too! These plants are also a Proven Winners Color Choice Flowering Shrub, so you know they have the highest seal of approval for your yard.

Try something new this year.

We know that you will be pleased with this plant, both flowers and fruits!
* Superfruit
* Easy to grow
* Prolific fruiter

Sweet Lifeberry Goji Berry Order Options