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Sweet Bay Magnolia

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Fast- Growing Ornamental Tree The Sweetbay Magnolia Tree, Magnolia virginiana, is a fast-growing multi-trunked tree or large shrub with great ornamental appeal.

The Sweetbay Magnolia tree has a long blooming period so you’ll enjoy its flowers in spring, but sporadically throughout the summer as well.

The three inch pure white flowers will draw you with their loveliness as much as with their fragrance, as they infuse your yard with a fresh lemony scent.

Fall fruit appears on the Sweetbay Magnolia as a two inch long green pod.

You’ll enjoy watching its progress as its small red conglomerate of berry-like fruit slowly emerges from their green casing.

Within the red “berries ” , black seeds reside which the birds in your yard will find tantalizing.

Your Sweetbay Magnolia Tree is a joy to watch no matter what the time of year.

Even when the flowers have faded and the fruit is not yet obvious, you’ll be surprised by the captivating sight a simple breeze drifting through its leaves creates.

The five inch long oblong leaves are dark green, but the surface is shiny.

Each leaf also has a delightful underside of sliver-white.

This combination creates a shimmering effect with the slightest movement and a unique bi-color appearance.

The Sweetbay Magnolia is an ornamental tree with a lot to offer.

It would make a lovely addition to your landscape.
* Fast-growing
* Spring-summer flowers
* Attractive to wildlife

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