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Sweet Autumn Clematis

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Fragrant and Prolific Sweet Autumn Clematis, Clematis paniculata, is a deciduous vine with a rampant growth habit and reaches 10′ to 20′ high.

The scientific name actually has changed over the years.

First, this plant was known as Clematis paniculata.

Then it changed to the unpronounceable Clematis maximowicziana.

But it was most recently changed to Clematis terniflora, a much easier word to pronounce.

Its fragrant white flowers grow up to 0.

5 inches across and continues to bloom late summer through fall.

The white, citrus-scented flowers fade into feathery seed heads, and last until winter.

Sweet Autumn Clematis prefers loamy, somewhat moist, well-drained soil.

Provide a location where its head is in the sun and toes in the shade.

Mulch around bottom to keep ground temperatures cool and moist.

Give the Sweet Autumn Clematis direct sun to encourage their large, showy blooms, but it will tolerate some shade.

Sweet Autumn Clematis attaches to supports with twining leafstalks, and it will climb up trellises, walls, poles, trees and over shrubs.

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* Small Fragrant White Blooms
* Very Vigorous Growth
* Tolerates some shade

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