Garden Plant: Sunjoy Todo Barbarry

Sunjoy Todo Barbarry Garden Plant

Sunjoy Todo Barbarry

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Burgundy-black foliage ads mystery! Sunjoy Todo Berberis (Berberis x N C B X1) is a small plant that makes a huge impact in your garden beds and borders.

It only grows 2′ high and 2′ wide, but visually it draws you in with its rich dark burgundy color.

Sunjoy Todo is evergreen in milder climates, but even where it’s not it provides year-round interest with its round mounding form.

Use a row of them as a low border, or intersperse them in your existing beds and borders for dots of deep color.

Berberis is beautiful, but it does have a bite.

There are nasty thorns hidden under the beautiful small leaves, but that isn’t a bad thing.

On the contrary it is one of its best attributes.

These are great plants to put under windows and at property edges for security.

No one wants to tangle with this innocent-looking shrub once they’ve gotten nicked.

Sunjoy Todo looks great with the green needles of true evergreens or with the yellow-greens of other shrubs and perennials.

The color is so deep that, honestly, it makes anything around it seem brighter.

This is a true ‘plant-it-and-forget-it’ dwarf shrub that will add both warmth and mystery to your beds and borders (and even your pots).

Order several from us today and enjoy the color show in your own garden.
* Natural dwarf
* Rich dark burgundy foliage
* Easy care
* Deer and drought resistant
* Thorns for security
* Semi-evergreen and non-invasive

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