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Sundowner Apple Tree

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A Delicious Hot Weather Apple from Down Under Native to Western Australia, this beautiful piece of fruit is the lesser-known sibling of the famous Pink Lady apple.

The Sundowner Apple, Malus domestica ‘ Cripps I I’, (which also goes by the name Cripps Red or Cripps I I) was developed to not need a high chill requirement and to withstand long hot summers.

This is really good if you live someplace where your winters don’t get below freezing or get cold enough to help other apple trees set.

Excelling in places typically thought of as “apple graveyards ” – places like Wegas and Phoenix – Sundowner Apple Trees will heavily yield great tasting, sweet fruit in the late fall and early winter months.

Sundowner Apple Tree is a wide spreading tree with good branching.

You’ll want to take care to thin out the branches for the best sized and shaped fruit.

Sundowner Apple is similar in texture and flavor to its sister apple, Pink Lady.

You will enjoy eating these apples fresh out of hand, in pies and preserves or in other baking.

And as far as an apple a day keeping the doctor away.


this apple certainly fits the bill.

Order your Sundowner Apple Tree today, especially if you live in a warmer winter climate and didn’t think that you could ever grow an apple.

We know that you’ll be happily pleased!
* Specimen tree
* Low-chill requirement
* Delicious fresh fruit

Sundowner Apple Tree Order Options