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Sundown Coneflower

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The Coneflower Sundown, Echinacea Big Sky ‘ Sundown’ (P P17,659), is another hybrid coneflower in the Big Sky series.

The flowers start out being fluorescent rose pink while buds are expanding, then change to bright rose-orange.

They eventually fade to soft purple pink.

These are very fragrant, daisy-like flowers! The ‘ Sundown’ blooms from June to September and is a major attractor to butterflies and bees and is a must for any perennial gardens.

The stunning flowers of ‘ Sundown’ occur on strong stems and long dark green stems with dark green foliage.

For best results, plant in full sun in a well drained area.

Cone Flowers are known for their large flower heads that turn to seed in the fall.

Not only is it a prized perennial for many gardeners, but also a potent medicine.

It has been reported that coneflowers increase immune function and reduces the effects of cold and flu.

‘ Sundown’ is a great choice for cut flowers, adding a wilderness look to your garden.

This coneflower is literally covered in masses of blooms.

The vibrancy of this unusual color is quite stunning and makes a grand addition to a sunny garden area!
* Brilliant orange flowers
* Dark green foliage
* Cut flowers

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