Garden Plant: Summer Wine Ninebark

Summer Wine Ninebark Garden Plant

Summer Wine Ninebark

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Delicate Pink Blooms Belies Hardiness The Summer Wine Ninebark, Physocarpus opulifolious ‘ Seaward’, is a new Ninebark that is very neat with compact branching and deeply cut, dark purple-crimson leaves.

The Summer Wine Ninebark is purple ninebark hybrid that resulted from a cross between Nana and Diabolo.

This resulted in a 5′-6′ plant with a spead of 3′.

It has a profusion of pink blooms in summer and exfoliating bark in autumn.

The foliage turns a bright red in autumn.

This plant requires little pruning, but if you need to prune, do it after this plant blooms in summer.

Do not prune after mid- August to allow for the flower buds to form for next years’ flowers.

This compact ninebark looks great in a pot.

Use this plant in groupings or masses, in perennial or shrub borders, containers and as a short screen.

Summer Wine is showy and extremely hardy and is prized as a landscape shrub and as a cut flower.

As with other ninebarks, the bark exfoliates in papery strips and with the colorful fruit it produces, this plant is truly a 4 season wonder!
* Purple- Crimson Foliage
* Compact and Hardy Plant
* Red Foliage in Autumn

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