Garden Plant: Summer Wine Black Ninebark

Summer Wine Black Ninebark Garden Plant

Summer Wine Black Ninebark

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Product Description: Summer Wine Black Ninebark

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Darkest ninebark available! Don’t you love it when you find a plant that really doesn’t need any fuss to look its best all the time? Summer Wine Black Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) gives the busy gardener deep, rich, mysterious color from spring to autumn and you don’t have to lift a finger! Summer Wine Black adds to the color palette of the native ninebark family and makes it darker.

Other ninebarks have burgundy colored foliage, but none is as dark as this.

It starts a deep purple-black and stays dark, without fading.

In late spring clusters of pink flowers dot the plant and age through the season to seed heads that is beloved by birds and other wildlife.

As autumn approaches the leaves deepen color just a little before they drop for the winter.

This exposes the fascinating peeling bark that gives ninebark its name.

This is a naturally graceful and arching plant that won’t need any deadheading or pruning.

It maintains its compact semi-dwarf form year after year without any work needed! Make sure to give this native a sunny spot so it can show off its best color and plenty of room to stretch out.

It can grow to a full 6′ tall if given room.

Summer Wine Black will make it look like you spent hours tending to your garden (without having to spend hours actually doing it).

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* Pink flowers pop against the dark leaves
* Darkest leaves of any ninebark
* Full sun
* Hardy
* Easy
* Native
* Winter interest with exfoliating bark

Summer Wine Black Ninebark Order Options