Garden Plant: Summer Skies Butterfly Bush

Summer Skies Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Summer Skies Butterfly Bush

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Long Blooming Bush with Variegated Foliage Summer Skies is a deciduous shrub with variegated foliage and a long-blooming nature.

It would do well in your mixed border, or as a specimen plant in your yard.

Your Summer Skies features long spikes of clustered lavender-blue flowers that are a show-stopper in summer and last through fall.

However, perhaps even more valuable in this Butterfly Bush variety is the variegated foliage that will create an eye-catching image in your garden even when not in bloom.

The light yellow edging against the dark green centers of the leaves has a dramatic effect on the foliage of your Summer Skies, and visually brings this shrub to the forefront of any setting it’s planted in.

As the foliage ages, the leaf edges soften to a creamy white.

Unlike some varieties of Butterfly Bush, Summer Skies won’t take on a weedy, wild look.

While it still has some spread to it, Summer Skies tends to maintain a natural yet more restrained appearance.

It’s easy to care for, and the fragrant flowers are excellent cut flowers to bring indoors.

Butterflies and hummingbirds will love you for planting a Summer Skies, but the deer will take little notice.

It is heat and drought tolerant, and the variegated leaves are even resistant to scorching.

All in all, Summer Skies is s truly exceptional Butterfly Bush variety for your yard.
* Exceptional foliage
* Long-blooming flowers
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest

Summer Skies Butterfly Bush Order Options