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Summer Red Maple Tree

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Great Shade Tree with Red Leaves in Spring AND Fall Are you considering adding a good shade tree to your yard this year? Do you want something with classic good looks, massive curb appeal and is simple to care for? Then Summer Red Maple is the tree for you.

The Summer Red Maple Tree, Acer rubrum ‘ H O S R’, grows strong and healthy up to 40′ tall and 25′ wide relatively quickly.

The leaves grow thick and dense in the heat of summer to provide you the shade you need, when you need it.

Let’s talk about those leaves, too.

All year the new leaves emerge red, fading to a light green, then a dark green.

This makes the trees look almost like they are flowering from a distance.

It’s a beautiful effect.

Then in the fall, the older leaves turn red, while the younger leaves turn yellow and orange providing a drool worthy classic autumn-color leaf display.

Disease resistant and strong-trunked, you will be very pleased with how Summer Red Maple Tree transforms your landscape.

It’s easy to plant, and even easier to care for.

Once these trees are established they will provide shade to generations of your family.

Start your legacy today by ordering one (or more!) of these beautiful maples from Nature Hills now.

We promise that you’ll be pleased with the Summer Red Maple.
* Great curb appeal
* Three seasons of interest
* Show-stopping autumn leaves For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls

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