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Strawberry Oxalis

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Pink Butterflies on Dainty Houseplant Oxalis Strawberry, Oxalis crassipes ‘ Rosea’, is a popular shade plant (often called a shamrock) that just doesn’t know when to quit blooming! Although it’s a perennial, this plant blooms like an annual from late spring to early fall if kept moist.

Vivid green, clover-like leaves are dotted with bright pink flowers that butterflies adore and are nice in fresh bouquets.

Oxalis ‘ Strawberry’ forms a low mound that is the perfect size for edging or containers.

Like many oxalis, the leaves of this variety close up at night or when light levels are very low.

It does not set viable seed, so there’s no need to fear that it will become a nuisance in the garden.

This variety has been used in southern gardens for many years.

Oxalis plants are used in borders, beds, rock gardens and containers.

Container grown plants should be kept just moist when dormant.

During the growing season, ‘ Strawberry’ should have moderate watering.

It does best in moist, rich soils and prefers soils with good drainage.

It is a prolific grower and bloomer with beautiful foliage and plenty of dainty blossoms, Oxalis ‘ Strawberry’ can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors!
* Prolific Strawberry Pink Blooms
* 12″ of Clover Like Leaves Close at Night
* House plant or Shady Border Plant

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