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Straight Talk Privet

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Perfect for Tight Spaces! Privets are classic.

Privets are trustworthy.

Privets are bulletproof.

Privets live for years and years and can become hedges as big as houses.

What do you do if you don’t have the space for a hedge that big, but really love all of the other aspects of this tough-as-nails evergreen shrub? You order Straight Talk Privet, that’s what! Straight Talk Privet (Ligustrum vulgare ‘ Swift’) is a quick growing shrub that only grows 2′ wide but can reach an impressive 12′ high.

Like all privets, it handles pruning without any problem if you need to keep it shorter.

Straight Talk is a great vertical accent for any garden.

It’s tightly upright shape guides the eye upward in any garden setting.

It won’t spread wide, so it always maintains a well-kept look, whether you prune it or not.

Cold and drought tolerant, Straight Talk will be a strong backbone to your garden beds and borders.

Primarily grown for its thick foliage and upright habit, it also has small, fragrant white flowers in late spring that attract bees and butterflies.

The flowers are replaced in the summer and fall by black berries that the birds love.

Straight Talk Privet can be both a garden stalwart and a conversation piece, but only if you order yours today!
* White flowers and black berries
* Quick growing (up to 3′ per year!)
* Evergreen vertical accent plant

Straight Talk Privet Order Options