Garden Plant: Spring Snow Crabapple

Spring Snow Crabapple Garden Plant

Spring Snow Crabapple

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A Beautiful, Non- Fruiting Crabapple The Spring Snow Crabapple (fruitless) explodes with stunning fragrant double white flowers along its branches; the short flower stalks create a garland of blooms.

You can enjoy the display of pure white flowers without the concern of a mess on patios and in courtyards because this tree is fruitless! It has a good resistance to rust and mildew.

Snow White is a dense, oval upright tree with bright green leaves, turning yellow in the fall.

It is one of the best ornamental trees for winter interest because this hardy crabapple has a branch structure that creates interesting forms.

Plant Snow White in a location with full sun and well drained soil, and use it as a privacy fence or as an accent plant.

This is a low-branched tree, so keep in mind that it will block a view.
* Double Blooms
* No Fruit
* Fall Color

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