Garden Plant: Spirea Vanhouttei

Spirea Vanhouttei Garden Plant

Spirea Vanhouttei

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White Flowers on Arching Branches The Spiraea Wanhouttei, Spiraea x vanhouttei, has a foliage color of a dull bluish green.

The flowers are white in April- May, borne in many flowered 1-2″ diameter umbels.

The lovely white flowers form on the branch tips, and they are produced before the fine textured leaves! A newer version of the Bridal Wreath, Spiraea Wanhouttei is an outstanding deciduous shrub that matures to 6′-8′ with a spread of 4′-6′.

It grows rapidly and may be used as a screen, in groupings, for borders, or as a foundation plant.

It can be pruned to any size or left to grow into a mounding shrub.

The branches arch to the ground and makes an open airy mounded habit that adds an architectural feature to the landscape.

The foliage turns a purple in cooler weather.

Spiraea Wanvoutte is a durable and familiar shrub that is best grown in a sunny location and any good garden soil and prefers well-drained soil.
* White Flowers in Spring
* Blue Green Foliage
* May be pruned to any size Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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