Garden Plant: Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela

Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela Garden Plant

Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela

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Product Description: Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela

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New garden glamour on an old-fashioned shrub! It is definitely a new world in Weigelas! New breeding efforts have changed the way this beloved heirloom shrub performs to bring fresh glamour to the garden.

The Sonic Bloom series is bred specifically to rebloom. and rebloom it does! All summer long, right up to the first frost.

Not only does it rebloom, but it does it without requiring any deadheading! Sonic Bloom ‘Pure Pink’ (Weigela florida S M N W F R P) is one of the most prolific rebloomers of the bunch.

In spring it is literally covered in uncountable numbers of trumpet-shapes pure pink blooms with a darker pink throat.

It steals the show wherever it is! Then, after the first flush has faded it blooms again and again in small waves until it goes dormant again in the late fall.

Weigela Sonic Bloom are very easy to grow.

These deciduous woodland shrubs don’t require any coddling or fussing.

They are fantastic pollinator attractors, so you will have butterflies, bees and hummingbirds constantly paying you a visit.

This is a relatively compact and dense shrub, it only reaches 4 – 5 feet tall, but the impact it makes is much bigger! Be brave with Sonic Bloom Pure Pink! Plant it where it can be seen and appreciated – along a driveway, under the front window, by the porch swing.

This beauty is adaptable, easy to care for and S O O O O O long blooming. it is a garden must-have this year! Order yours now!
* Pure pink flowers
* Full sun to partial shade
* Rebloomer
* Easy care
* Grows to 4′ – 5′ tall

Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela Order Options