Garden Plant: Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflower

Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflower Garden Plant

Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflower

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Product Description: Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflower

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Coral pink color stuns on this native coneflower! Looking for something hot, hot, hot for your perennial beds and borders? A little tropical color to boost your border from ‘ho-hum’ to ‘ WOW!’? If so, then it’s time to plant some Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflowers.

These coral-pink versions of the native Echinacea purpurea (coneflower) are reliable bloomers that will fill your flower beds every year from mid-summer until the first frost with hot, tropical color.

Sombrero Hot Coral needs to be planted in full sun and average soil, but once it is established it will reward you with eye-catching blooms all season.

It is compact, growing only 2′ high and wide, so it will fit into any garden or container.

Don’t let the compact size fool you, though, because Hot Coral covers itself in flushes of coral-pink daisy-like flowers with high bronze-colored central cones all through the season.

Hot Coral will bring hot color to perennial borders, natural meadows, butterfly or pollinator gardens and wildlife gardens.

You can keep cutting the flowers for bouquets and they will keep coming all summer and fall filling your vases.

Leave some on for the winter, though, because birds love the high central cones and will enjoy picking at the dried flowers all winter.

Sombrero Hot Coral will bring hot, tropical color and tons of flowers to your garden.

Don’t wait to order yours!
* Hot coral-pink flowers
* Great cutting flowers
* Drought and heat tolerant
* Attracts birds and butterflies
* Winter interest and wildlife food source

Sombrero Hot Coral Coneflower Order Options