Garden Plant: Soft Touch Japanese Holly

Soft Touch Japanese Holly Garden Plant

Soft Touch Japanese Holly

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Fast- Growing Ornamental Shrub with Soft Foliage Soft Touch Japanese Holly is an evergreen shrub that offers year-round interest.

Plant several as a low border along your sidewalk, or use just one as a lovely accent near your perennial bed or patio.

Your Soft Touch Japanese Holly is a fast-growing shrub, sure to please you with both its ornamental features and hardy nature.

Unlike many Holly varieties with stiff, pokey leaves, Soft Touch is named for its gentle foliage that is so flexible it veritably invites you to run your hand over its surface.

The allure doesn’t stop there as each glossy, dark green leaf features a delicate silver midvein that lends a touch of shimmer to this shrub’s already vibrant appearance in your landscape.

You may not notice the petite blossoms in spring, but you certainly won’t miss the black berries that arrive in fall and persist into the winter months.

Your wildlife will appreciate a Soft Touch in your yard for its food and shelter, but you’ll love it for its year-round appeal, its evergreen nature and ornamental features a step apart from the average landscape Holly.

Soft Touch Japanese Holly will grow up to 3 feet in height with an equal spread.

It has a dense rounded nature that is amenable to pruning if desired.

Soft Touch is considered a low-maintenance shrub, so you can generally just plant it and forget about it.

Holly plants are among the most popular choices for ornamental shrubs, and Soft Touch is another stellar example of a variety with unique and useful features for the homeowner.

Try just one this year and you’re sure to return for more once you witness firsthand all that this lovely Holly has to offer.
* Evergreen
* 4 season interest
* Cold hardier than some other varieties
* Drought tolerant once established
* Adapts to a variety of soils
* Fast growing
* Wildlife interest

Soft Touch Japanese Holly Order Options