Garden Plant: Snowmound Spirea

Snowmound Spirea Garden Plant

Snowmound Spirea

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A Mound of Snowy Flowers in Spring Snowmound Spirea is a dwarf, ornamental shrub with lovely flowers.

Plant one for a decorative shrub border or use as a foundation planting.

Your Snowmound Spirea’s most impressive feature is its spectacular clusters of pure white flowers that begin in May.

Gathered together in small corymbs, the tiny bouquets of blossoms will virtually cover the arching branches of your Snowmound.

It really lives up to its name, being so covered with flowers that it will appear as a “mound’ of “snow ” in your spring landscape.

Unlike with snow however, Butterflies and other pollinators will come in for a peek and contribute to the celebration of life that spring always seems to usher in.

As spring moves into summer, the dense, blue-green foliage will provide a lush appearance for your Snowmound until it transitions to a coppery-yellow for autumn.

Snowmound Spirea will grow to 4 feet tall with a 7-foot spread.

It’s a compact shrub with graceful, spreading branches.

There are no significant disease or insect issues to be concerned about and Snowmound tolerates a wide variety of soils.

Snowmound is a relatively carefree shrub that will grow naturally beautiful, but it doesn’t mind some pruning if you’d prefer to customize its shape.

There are many ornamental shrubs, and Snowmound Spirea is certainly a stand-out among them.

If you’d like a touch of snow’s brilliance in spring, but without the cold weather, try a Snowmound Spirea.
* Prolific spring flowers
* Fall color
* Wildlife interest
* Dark green foliage Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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