Garden Plant: Skyrocket Juniper

Skyrocket Juniper Garden Plant

Skyrocket Juniper

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Product Description: Skyrocket Juniper

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Great for Privacy and Windscreens The Juniper ‘ Skyrocket’, Juniperus scopulorum ‘ Skyrocket’ tree, has a striking, narrow columnar form with compact, tight branching and silver-blue foliage.

What an ideal plant for areas where height is wanted, and when there is no room for a wide based tree.

It grows rapidly to 15 feet tall with a spread of just 2 feet.

This variety requires very little maintenance; no staking or pruning is necessary.

This plant will achieve height without sacrificing ground space! ‘ Skyrocket’ is great for privacy screens and windbreaks.

You can plant it in beds or in foundation plantings, along with your shrubs to achieve a one-of a-kind look.

There is always a perfect place in your garden for this ‘ Skyrocket’ juniper!
* Fast Growing
* No pruning to keep tight columnar shape
* Great for privacy

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