Garden Plant: Siskiyou Evening Primrose

Siskiyou Evening Primrose Garden Plant

Siskiyou Evening Primrose

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Pink Butterflies in a Groundcover Evening Primrose ‘ Siskiyou’, Oenothera berlandieri ‘ Siskiyou’, displays pale pink cup-shaped flowers up to 3 inches in diameter and smothers this improved selection all summer!’ Siskiyou’ is a compact, floriferous, tidy groundcover.

It has a spreading habit and mature height of 8-12 inches; spreads from underground runners.

Each translucent petal has pronounced veining that resembles the intricate wing of a butterfly; glows when backlit by the sun.

‘ Siskiyou’ is a hardy plant which once established requires little care; drought tolerant.

It is excellent for softening the edges of pathways or planting in rock gardens, edgings, and borders; fills in even in poor or dry soils.

Divide this Evening Primrose in spring.

It is best to avoid overly rich or poorly drained soils.

‘ Siskiyou’ has an extremely long flowering time, June to September.

Oenothera requires full sun and needs a good drainage site.

Use in borders, rock gardens, or containers.

A wonderful sun plant, Siskiyou’ is a delightfully scented perennial and a must have in any sunny garden!
* 3″ Pink Flowers Summer Through Fall
* Groundcover Primrose
* Loves Sun, Heat,and Drought

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