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Fast- Growing Ornamental Tree with Silver Accents The Silver Maple is a fast-growing ornamental tree that is very popular in the United States.

It would look great planted in a row along your street or driveway, or in a place easily viewed from a window so you can enjoy its natural beauty year round.

One of the most common trees in the U S, the Silver Maple reaches a height of 80 feet with a 50 foot spread.

Its crown has a rounded open form, which will provide a lovely silhouette behind the other plantings in your landscape.

It’s a very adaptable deciduous tree, so you won’t have to worry about fussing over it once it’s established.

While it has several admirable features, the Silver Maple is prized by many for its leaves.

Imagine the typical Maple leaf shape, but with deeply cut lobes and a silvery underside.

The effect of the silver coloring is striking, and will set your Maple apart from the other trees in your yard.

Early spring will bring small panicles of flowers.

A short time later you’ll note the seeds as they form what appears to be a pair of wings that often take flight to float gently to the ground.

An added treat will be the wildlife you can watch as they’re drawn to your Maple to enjoy the seeds, which are the largest of any native Maple.

Autumn will cloak your Maple in lovely amber hues, calling a close to the warm summer season.

In late winter you can collect some sap to use as a sweetener or some people like to use the seeds in breads and other culinary dishes.

The Silver Maple is a tree of uncommon beauty and with a variety of uses.

It would certainly be a beautiful addition to your home.
* Fast-growing
* Silvery hued leaves
* Hardy For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls

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