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Shockwave Phlox

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Variegated Green and Gold Foliage Phlox Shockwave, Phlox paniculata ‘ Shockwave’, has unexpected variegated foliage that will add a jolt to any sunny garden landscape! It begins in the spring with brilliant golden-edged foliage that gradually matures to a quieter shade of cream.

This tall phlox Shockwave plant is topped with delicate lavender purple flower clusters that butterflies love! These flowers appear in summer through late summer.

Shockwave has a fragrance and uniquely variegated foliage that stands out boldly.

This stand-alone phlox has spectacular stems that are covered from ground up with its bright gold and green leaves.

It is a very nice addition for containers, tall borders and cottage gardens.

Butterflies and hummingbirds will be hard to keep away!
* Lavender Blooms
* Variegated Foliage
* Attracts Butterflies

Shockwave Phlox Order Options