Garden Plant: Shinseiki Pear Tree

Shinseiki Pear Tree Garden Plant

Shinseiki Pear Tree

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An early harvest of delicious Asian Pears on a hardy tree.

Nothing beats a crisp easy-to-eat pear straight from the tree during the dog-days of summer.

Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree is a beautiful tree that covers itself in loads of round, yellow-skinned pears.

The tree is easy to grow and the fruit is oh S O delicious! You will love these pears if you are a fan of Granny Smith apples over Red Delicious.

Crisp, juicy texture and sublimely-sweet flavor are the hallmarks of these pretty fruit.

Since this is one of the earliest Asian pears to ripen available on the market today, you will be enjoying bowls of the yummy fruits weeks before your neighbors.

The tree grows naturally to a lovely conical shape and is covered in flowers in the spring.

When the fruit is ripening, it looks like Christmas ornaments hung all over the tree.

Young trees will produce up to 100 fruit, while 6-7 year old trees produce 500-700 pears each year! You’ll be a hit at your local farmers market, but only if you order yours today!
* Heavy bearing
* Self-fruitful
* Cold hardy
* Adaptive to a variety of soilsl

Shinseiki Pear Tree Order Options