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Shamrock Inkberry Garden Plant

Shamrock Inkberry

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Compact Shrub – Ideal as Low Accent or Hedge The Compact Inkberry ‘ Shamrock’, Ilex glabra ‘ Shamrock,’ is a handsome compact form of the native Inkberry with lustrous dark green leaves.

It is slow growing, reaching 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

‘ Shamrock’ tolerates wet sites.

‘ Shamrock’ is a very nice compact inkberry that has new growth being a much brighter, glistening green, then maturing to the lustrous dark green color.

It holds its leaves on the lower branches better than most Inkberry.

With maturity, it produces large amounts of dark purple to black colored berries; production really increases after the third year of growth.

This Inkberry plant is very useful as accent plantings, as well as for a maintained low growing hedge.

Plant in fairly moist, acidic soil that is well drained; mulching recommended.

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