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Ornamental Shrub with Outstanding Spring Flowers The Sensation Lilac is a deciduous shrub with an outstanding spring floral display.

It would look great as a specimen plant in your yard, or as the most decorative privacy hedge you’ve ever seen.

In one of his famous poems, Walt Whitman said of Lilacs that every leaf is a “miracle ” .

Once you have a Lilac Sensation in your yard, you’ll see how he could feel that way.

A Lilac in your yard is a sweetly-scented breath of spring.

It harkens back to carefree days of childhood and the beauty and mystery that is uniquely that of nature.

Once you have a Lilac in your yard, your home will never feel complete again without one.

The Sensation is a particularly lovely cultivar of Lilac, with each lavender flower petal delicately rimmed in pristine white.

The flowers cluster together in long panicles that rise from the branches in spring and emit a lusciously sweet scent that will drift through your yard on the slightest breeze.

Your Lilac can grow to 15 feet in height.

It has a multi-stemmed, upright growth manner with a spread of about 12 feet.

The five inch, heart-shaped leaves are lush and dark green, creating the appearance of a vibrant, healthy shrub even when not in bloom.

Your Sensation Lilac is a boon to the hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators that visit your yard in the spring.

The flowers are hardy and long-lasting in cut floral arrangements, so you can even bring some of that heavenly magic of spring indoors.

A Sensation Lilac is more than just another ornamental shrub to brighten your yard.

As Whitman wrote, it’s something far more.

A Sensation Lilac is a miracle of nature that no home is truly complete without.
* Outstanding spring flowers
* Wildlife appeal
* Fragrant Don’t Prune Lilacs During Fall or Early Spring Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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