Garden Plant: Sem Ash Leaf Spirea

Sem Ash Leaf Spirea Garden Plant

Sem Ash Leaf Spirea

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Easy to Grow, Cold Hardy and Compact Shrub Sem Ash Leaf Spirea, Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘ Sem’ (16,336), has pinkish-red, fern-like spring foliage that unfurls along deep pink stems.

In July and August the neat, round shrub covers itself with creamy white blossoms.

This dwarf variety makes a wonderful low hedge, or a great accent.

Sem is an improvement from older Sorbaria varieties.

It is compact, better-branched, and denser than others; it creates a tight, bushy little mound in the garden, making a fine low hedge or accent planting as well as a shrub border.

Sem is elegant, space-saving, and beautiful! Sem forms a neat 3 to 4 foot shrub in the partly shaded garden, which adds a nice texture.

This shrub is easy to grow and quite adaptable, thriving in any well-drained soil.

It is especially valuable for northern climates because of its hardiness!
* Attracts butterflies
* Dramatic fall color
* Easy to grow

Sem Ash Leaf Spirea Order Options