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Seckel Pear Tree

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Sugar Pears and Spring Flowers Seckel Pear Tree, Pyrus communis ‘ Seckel’, is a fruit bearing tree that produces a particularly sweet fruit.

Plant your Seckel Pear tree where it will be visible year round, as it provides both ornamental features and an impressive harvest.

Ornamental pears are often seen in front yards, so a Seckel in your yard will not only provide that popular appeal but grant you a fall treat as well.

Your Seckel Pear Tree is beloved for its incredible fruits that are so sumptuously sweet that they’re sometimes referred to as “sugar pears ” or “candy pears ” .

These honeyed beauties begin their lives in early spring when delicate, white blossoms welcome the new season and will “wow ” your neighbors with their pristine artistry.

As spring turns to summer, adorable little pears form, beginning their development as a vibrant green.

The pears soon transform to green/golden tones with russet highlights, and eventually take on a lovely, scarlet blush by mid- September.

Each diminutive fruit is as alluring as it is delicious.

Seckel Pears may be small, but they make up for their small stature with their incredible flavor.

Sweet and luscious, this small pear is often thought of as a dessert pear.

Enjoyed fresh, canned or in a variety of culinary delights, Seckel Pears are beloved for their incredibly sweet flavor with delicate, spicy undertones.

The fine-grained flesh is an appealing, creamy white with just a hint of sunny-yellow.

Seckel Pear trees will grow up to 12 feet tall with an 18 foot spread.

It’s a reliable and productive tree that it considered self-pollinating, but will do best with a pollinator nearby.

It has some disease resistance, is aromatic and generally hardy.

For a pear that’s exceptional in both form and flavor, Seckel Pear tree is hard to beat.

Try this “candy pear ” this year for a flavor sensation you won’t soon forget!
* Disease resistant
* Hardy
* Good drought tolerance
* Adaptable to a variety of soil conditions

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