Garden Plant: Sea Thrift Splendins

Sea Thrift Splendins Garden Plant

Sea Thrift Splendins

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Product Description: Sea Thrift Splendins

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The Splendins ‘ Sea Thrift’, Armeria maritima, has wonderful pink flowers that contrast well with its dark evergreen, tufted foliage.

This plant is very floriferous in spring and early summer.

‘ Sea Thrift’ is an excellent plant for use in rock gardens or edging.

Deadheading will prolong flowering.

Armeria is salt tolerant and is often grown along the coast line.

With a plant height of 6″ and a spread of 10″, its grass like foliage stays evergreen throughout the season.

It is best planted in sandy soils in full sun.

Use this plant for edging, containers, border fronts, or massed in a small area.

Splendins is a tough plant.

It will tolerate dry soil, shallow rocky soil and drought.

It performs best in well drained, porous soils.

Heavy wet soils tend to cause the crown to rot.
* Dividing should be done in early spring
* Clump-forming
* Dense
* Compact

Sea Thrift Splendins Order Options