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Scotch Broom Sister Rosie Garden Plant

Scotch Broom Sister Rosie

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The blushing Scotch Broom! Lovers of Scotch Broom know how eye-catching the spring flowers are.

That sunny yellow or bright red can be spotted from across the garden.

But sometimes that color can be a little harsh.

If that is the case for you, then you will be thrilled to see the new Sister Rosie Scotch Broom.

Sister Rosie has dusty rose sweet-pea-like flowers accented with red and gold that adds a romantic touch to borders and containers.

Sister Rosie Scotch Broom welcomes spring with a profusion of flowers.

It’s not all about the flowers, though.

The stems and leaves have the ubiquitous ‘broom-like’ look and feel that gives the plant its name.

This semi-evergreen has a semi-dwarf habit so it only grows up to 3 feet tall which makes it perfect for borders and a great companion to tulips, daffodils and other spring bulbs.

They are super deer resistant, so if you’re tired of feeding your local deer herd then this plant is perfect for you! Sister Rosie is a reliable bloomer with a blast of elegant color for your beds, borders and containers.

Let her grace your garden this year and enjoy the bevy of blooms.
* Compact
* Beautiful dusty rose flowers
* Unique seed pods add late season interest
* Deer resistant
* Drought Tolerant
* Nice foliage

Scotch Broom Sister Rosie Order Options