Garden Plant: Sanguinelli Blood Orange

Sanguinelli Blood Orange Garden Plant

Sanguinelli Blood Orange

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Red Juice From a Beautiful Orange There are very few fruits as beautiful as the blood orange and very few blood oranges as beautiful as the Sanguinelli.

Hailing from Spain, the Sanguinelli Blood Orange has some of the most attractive red-tinged skin of any orange on the market.

They look like ornaments hanging amongst the deep green leaves on the small to medium sized tree.

Just like you’d expect, the juice is blood red.

It has a sweet/tart flavor that is excellent to drink fresh or when it is used in cooking.

These fruits bring great prices at farmer’s markets, but that means you’d have to part with your bounty.

which might be harder than you think once you taste these beauties! You will be very happy with this super-easy-to-grow tree.

It does great outdoors, where it never outgrows it bounds and fits into the smallest garden without a problem.

It also grows well in pots in a sunny room during the winter.

Nature Hills ships three-year-old stock that is healthy and ready to plant.

You will be able to plant these trees immediately and enjoy their delicious fruits sooner, due to the large size.

These are very popular and we expect them to sell out fast, so don’t wait to order yours!
* Purple Flesh
* Popular with Chefs
* Tart Flavor

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