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Ryan Gainey Hydrangea Garden Plant

Ryan Gainey Hydrangea

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Product Description: Ryan Gainey Hydrangea

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These tough flowers don’t droop! If you are a hydrangea lover like we are (and if you aren’t, you should be) you have encountered the most frustrating thing about hydrangeas – floppy stems from the weight of the huge, gorgeous flowers.

Ryan Gainey hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens ‘ Ryan Gainey’) solves that problem.

Atlanta garden designer Ryan Gainey has introduced a gorgeous native hydrangea that has strong stems, dark foliage and exceptional winter hardiness.

The white blooms are held high on the strong stems.

They bloom profusely, but even more so if you plant them where they get a little direct morning sun.

They don’t like too much shade.

The stems are dark and very strong.

The weight of the big flowers (up to 8 ” across!) won’t make them flop over, even in the rain.

The blooms come on new growth, too, so even when Ryan Gainey dies completely to the ground in a harsh winter the blooms won’t be affected for the year.

Ryan Gainey doesn’t mind poor soils or dry conditions, as long as they aren’t too dry.

Regular watering is key.

They will show you they’re thirsty by a dramatic droop that perks up equally dramatically when they are happy.

This is a fairly rare hydrangea on the market and is challenging to find for sale, which makes Nature Hills all the more happy to be able to bring it to you! Don’t wait until we’re sold out this year to add this native to your garden.

You will be glad you did!
* Native
* Strong stems
* Pristine white color
* Vigorous grower
* Great for cutting

Ryan Gainey Hydrangea Order Options