Garden Plant: Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea Garden Plant

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

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Product Description: Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

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Ruby Summer Blooms and Fiery Fall Color ” Ruby Slippers is a small deciduous shrub with impressive summer flowers.

These would make an outstanding shrub hedge along a property line, or you could do a mass planting for amazing summer color in your yard.

Hydrangeas are always spectacular and your Ruby Slippers is no exception.

The dark green deeply-lobed leaves are reminiscent of Oak leaves and create a nicely-rounded, vibrant shrub all summer long.

Those same leaves transform into a spicy red in the fall for an additional season of color.

In the summer, long 9-inch spikes of clustered white blossoms will reach high above the foliage, slowly maturing to a hot pink and eventually resemble the “ruby slippers ” for which your shrub is named.

Ruby Slippers has a compact, dense nature that makes it useful for smaller spaces, but the extrusive nature of the flower spikes ensures that it’s eye-catching in almost any garden location.

Butterflies and other pollinators will be drawn to your yard by those prolific blooms as well, benefiting your wildlife as well as your other plantings.

Your Ruby Slippers is not only beautiful but a sturdy and easy to grow plant.

It doesn’t require pruning, but is amenable to it if you choose to do a little shaping.

It’s fast growing, so just plant it and walk away.

Soon you’ll reap the benefits of all its unique features.
* Outstanding Flowers
* Lovely Foliage
* Hardy
* Wildlife Interest

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea Order Options