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Royal Star Magnolia

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Ornamental Tree or Shrub with Fragrant Spring Flowers Royal Star Magnolia is an ornamental, deciduous tree with magnificent spring flowers.

One would look outstanding as a specimen tree in your yard, or plant several as a hedge to wow your neighbors every spring.

Your Royal Star Magnolia is a popular tree for its attractive form and vibrant, oblong leaves, but mostly prized for its spring display.

Named for its star-shaped flowers, your Royal Star Magnolia will burst forth every spring with 4-inch double flowers that are sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Fragrant and pristine white, these masterpieces of nature with their delicate yellow centers will virtually cover your Royal Star in an almost overwhelming display of color.

The Royal Star Magnolia can be considered a tree or shrub, and is amenable to any pruning you choose to provide.

This particular cultivar has larger flowers than other Magnolias so it is particularly prized.

Frost damage to the flowers is often a concern with Magnolias, but the slightly later bloom of this cultivar makes this a better choice for those with late frost concerns as well.

It is clear to see why the Royal Star Magnolia is such a popular Magnolia cultivar.

Larger and later blooms, in addition to all the other stellar qualities of a Magnolia, make this a must-have for any landscape.
* Outstanding spring flowers
* Lovely foliage
* Pest and Disease Resistant
* Fragrant

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