Garden Plant: Royal Raindrops Crabapple Tree

Royal Raindrops Crabapple Tree Garden Plant

Royal Raindrops Crabapple Tree

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Product Description: Royal Raindrops Crabapple Tree

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Purple foliage and pink flowers make for a winning combo! Crabapple trees in full flower are one of the hallmarks of spring.

It is hard to imagine that you could improve on the stunning display of white or pink flowers on deep green leaves we’re so used to seeing.

But you don’t need to imagine – Royal Raindrops Crabapple (Malus ‘ J F S- K W5’) is such a different look that we know you’ll be blown away! First, Royal Raindrops covers itself in eye-popping magenta-pink flowers.

No pretty, pale wallflowers here.

Second, the foliage is cutleaf and deep purple, giving them great form and color that last all summer, even when the flowers have faded.

Add to that sparkling red fruit that attracts wildlife through the year and you’ve got a real winner.

and we haven’t even mentioned the rich fall color.

The dark purple leaves turn bright shades of bronze, orange and mahogany.

Despite all of the outside beauty of this tree, it is the physical tree structure that really makes Royal Raindrops flowering crabapple special.

Strong branches and an upright growth habit means that it doesn’t need a lot of pruning to grow into a balanced canopy.

This makes it a top performer in places with windy climates.

The sturdy branches on Royal Raindrops don’t get windswept like other crabapples are prone to do.

At only 20′ tall and 15′ wide, Royal Raindrops crabapple tree will fit into almost any garden – even a small one.

This hardy tree can take the cold to zone 4 and still bloom every year.

Malus Royal Raindrops Crabapple will excite your garden with year-round interest.

Don’t let another year go by without one!
* Showy spring flowers
* Deep purple foliage
* Stands up to wind
* Great for a small garden
* Attracts wildlife

Royal Raindrops Crabapple Tree Order Options