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Royal Family Holly

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Self-fertilizing Ornamental Evergreen with Winter Appeal Royal Family Holly is an ornamental evergreen with decorative winter berries.

A few of these would form a spectacular hedge near your home, or plant one anywhere you could use some winter color.

Royal Family Holly has some of the most elegant vegetation you will ever see.

The foliage has a unique shape, long celebrated in literature and folklore.

The incredibly glossy, green serrated leaves are so shiny that they catch the sunlight at any time of year.

Its evergreen nature ensures that it will be a vibrant spectacle in your yard year-round, and I haven’t even mentioned the decorative berries yet! Your Royal Family Holly is a winning combination of both Blue Prince Holly and Blue Princess Holly.

The mix of the two ensures that you will have lovely red berries on your Holly to spice up the muted colors of your winter landscape.

It all begins in spring with tiny white flowers, transitioning into green fruit that ripens to red.

The effect of bright red against the glossy green foliage is breathtaking, especially when contrasted against the winter snow.

Royal Family Holly grows up to 10 feet high with an 8 foot spread.

The deer don’t like it, but your songbirds and other wildlife will love its berries (which are not edible for humans).

It doesn’t require special care, but adapts well to pruning.

Holly is one of the most beautiful and sought-after plants for its beauty as a landscape plant.

Everyone should have one of these historic and beautiful specimens in their yard.
* Glossy, Evergreen Foliage
* Decorative Drupes
* Wildlife interest

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