Garden Plant: Rhododendron Vernus

Rhododendron Vernus Garden Plant

Rhododendron Vernus

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Rhododendron – Wernus, Rhododendron ‘ Wernus’, is one of the earliest large-leaved rhododendrons to flower, and it buds extremely well as a young plant! The blooms on Wernus rhododendrons are beautiful, star-shaped shell pink flowers, each with a dark red blotch.

The flowers measure 2 inches across and the blooms contrast nicely with the dark green foliage.

Wernus is sun tolerant, vigorous, and cold hardy.

It prefers partial shade and should have protection from strong winter sun and wind.

It requires regular watering, particularly in hot, dry weather; established plants can benefit from fertilization.

Rhododendrons are ornamental, acidic-soil loving broad-leaf evergreens and are ideal for shrub borders and informal hedges.

The most favorable time to prune is when there are no flower buds in the early spring, just before growth begins.

Early Flowering Rhododendron! If you have always wanted a rhododendron that flowers before other rhododendron, then this is the one you want!

Rhododendron Vernus Order Options