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Reka Blueberry

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One of the Heaviest Highbush Producers! Reka Blueberry, Vaccinium ‘ Reka’, is a perennial, highbush blueberry and a popular home garden variety.

Plant one of these in a sunny location where you can enjoy its unique bounty of both beauty and outstanding harvest.

Your Reka Blueberry is one of the heaviest highbush producers as well as one of the hardiest.

The berries are early ripening, producing a prolific number of the medium-to-large delicious gems.

They span enough ripening time to ensure up to four picking opportunities for your eager family and friends! The heavy yields are sure to impress you, but the flavor will be the true surprise.

Your Reka Blueberry produces some of the most tempting berries, their sweet-acid balance creating a rich flavor to accompany the satisfying, crisp-textured skin.

The long clusters of sumptuous berries appear delicate, but are firm enough to endure the stress of wind and rain, as well as the picking process.

They even hold their flavor well in storage.

Not to be outdone by the quality of its harvest, Reka Blueberry is also an exceptional bush with ornamental features for your landscape.

Diminutive white flowers in spring, and burgundy leaves (against its reddish wood in autumn), add to this lovely blueberry bush’s appeal.

Reka Blueberry was developed in New Zealand.

Its vigorous and fast-growing nature will bring it up to 6 feet in height quickly, and its hardy nature will help to ensure its productivity.

Reka is adaptive to a variety of climates and soils, and even tolerates light frost.

It also demonstrates fair tolerance to heat, drought and humidify as well as pests and disease.

Reka has good self-fertility, but will do far better with a pollinator nearby.

It’s easy to see why Reka is one of the most sought-after blueberry bushes.

Hardy of nature, prolific in harvest and lovely to behold, Reka Blueberry is a must-have for anyone who loves fruit-bearing bushes.
* Fast growing
* Hardy
* Adaptive to a variety of soils and climates
* Good self-fertility
* Fair tolerance to heat, drought and humidity

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