Garden Plant: Redhead Fountain Grass

Redhead Fountain Grass Garden Plant

Redhead Fountain Grass

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Smoke and Gold The Ornamental Fountain Grass ‘ Redhead Fountain Grass’, ‘ Pennisetum ‘ Redhead’, produces very soft plumes that are smoky rose in color, all season long.

‘ Red Head’ begins to show its enormous bottlebrush plumes in mid to late summer.

The deep purple buds mature to smoky purple plumes.

In the fall the leaves turn gold in color.

Use this plant in containers, in sunny borders, meadows, rock gardens, and foundation plantings.

‘ Red Head’ looks great in late-season containers.

The bushy plumes are great as cut flowers if they are cut soon after they emerge.

In late fall or early spring cut the foliage back almost to the ground before growth starts in spring.

This plant has no serious insect or disease problems and is not usually appealing to deer.
* Enormous Purple Plumes All Summer
* Golden Foliage in Autumn
* Deer Resistant

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