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Red Maple Tree

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Most Unique Maple with Red Flowers! What is a red Maple? Typically, most are thinking about the Maple tree that has red leaves all summer long.

That is a selection of a Norway Maple like a Crimson King or a Royal Red Maple.

and not a red Maple.

The name ” Red Maple ” refers to the color of the flowers that emerge in early spring.

The green leaves during the growing season turn red for many of the plants in fall, yet another reason for the common name.

Red Maples are Acer rubrum, and they are native over a wide range from west Texas through Minnesota and into Canada and all states south and east.

They are also native in the state of Oregon.

Typically they are found growing in cool moist and swampy soils.

They’re sometimes referred to as Scarlet or Swamp Maple also.

The leaves emerge after the red flower clusters and are yellow-green and age to dark green with a silvery underside.

Green in summer and many turn red in fall.

Red Maples grow pyramidal or elliptical when young, and they work well in naturalized groups like you might find them growing natively.

Picture a new home with a naturalized grouping behind the home and planting drifts of daffodils, Hosta and Ferns beneath.


Now plant some Kousa dogwood at the edge of the planting, and to complete the native look – plant some pines behind to really set off the fall color.

Red Maples also make great specimen plants for lawn or street tree plantings.

Three and five-lobed leaves are green all season long until for some, the fall brings on the beautiful red fall color that lasts and lasts, and makes this tree so desirable.
* Hardy, fast growing
* Adaptable to most soils
* Easy to grow with few problems For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls

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