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Red Jonathan Apple Tree

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One of Our Most Popular Apples Red Jonathon Apple is a deciduous tree producing one of the most sought-after heritage apples.

Plant several in a side yard for your own miniature orchard of healthy fruit.

One of the great things about apple trees is that they’re not only easy to grow and produce delicious fruit, but they’re also quite decorative.

and Red Jonathon is no exception.

Nothing can quite compare with the sight of an apple tree in your own back yard, laden with round, red apples amid the vibrant green foliage.

It’s a uniquely beautiful sight! Imagine picking an apple right from your own tree, still hot from the sun’s rays and exposed only to the fertilizers or sprays that you chose to provide it with.

There’s simply not a healthier, fresher way to provide delicious fruit for your kitchen table.

Your Red Jonathon Apple Tree produces medium-sized, bright red apples that are juicy and sweet with a slight zing to the flavor.

They’re tasty right off the tree and great for pies, cider and other culinary delights.

The apples even store well so you can easily enjoy these apples long after they’re picked.

Red Jonathon apples rippen in mid season, generally ready for harvest August / September (depending on where you are located.

Planting Red Jonathon with early or late ripening varieties can extend your harvest.

The Red Jonathon Apple Tree is a vigorous tree and suitable for almost all of the climate zones in the United States.

It’s self-fertilizing but would benefit from pollination (ie.

Granny Smith, Golden Delicious or Red Delicious).

An investment in a Red Jonathon Apple Tree today is a way to cultivate beauty, health and a delicious harvest for years to come.
* Delicious, prolific harvest
* Ornamental features
* Long storage life Recommended pollinators: Mc Intosh, Yellow Transparent, Red Jonathon

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