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Red Ace Carrot Pepper

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Capsicum Red Ace (U S D A Organic) Pepper, Capsicum ‘ Red Ace’, is known for its amazing yields of medium-sized, 3 to 4-lobed, green bell peppers.

‘ Red Ace’ is a great selection for northern climates; glossy green peppers turn red early.

It is a very productive pepper where nearly every flower produces a pepper!’ Red Ace’ is an early variety.

This pepper is one of the very earliest to mature and has been a consistent producer of good yields, even when others have not set fruit because of hot weather! Capsicum refers to a wide variety of tropical pepper plants with the genus of the same name.

The name is perhaps derived from the Latin “”capsa,”” or box for the pod-like fruit.

They are also frequently used both chopped and raw in salads, or cooked in stir-fries or other mixed dishes.

They can be sliced into strips and fried, roasted whole or in pieces, or chopped and incorporated into salsas or other sauces.

Capsicum is a relative of the tomato and requires similar growing conditions.
* Medium sized
* Very productive
* Turns red early

Red Ace Carrot Pepper Order Options