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Radiate Bloom Pad

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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads Easy color for your spring garden! Planning your spring garden doesn’t have to be hard! There are so many tulips to choose from and so much work to do in the fall.

Well, all that changes with Bloom Pads! There are only 5 simple steps.

How much easier could it be? Step 1 – Go ahead and order your bloom pad from us right now.

(‘ Radiate’ has two strikingly colored tulips that will wake up your garden in the spring – Anneline, a pretty combo of pink and red; and Candy Cane, a red and white beauty.

) We’ll send it out A S A P! Step 2 – Dig a small hole.

(It only has to be 6″ deep and just wide enough for the pad to fit.

) Step 3 – Put the whole Bloom Pad in.

(The material is biodegradable so it simply dissolves in the dirt.

) Step 4 – Cover with soil and give it some water.

Step 5 – Enjoy the attention your beautiful spring garden brings you! The top reasons you’ll love the Radiate Bloom Pad:
* Looks fantastic without any agonizing on your part – each Bloom Pad is professionally spaced and color-blended
* You won’t find anything easier to plant – all you do is dig a hole, put it in and water it
* Instant container planting!
* Plant a big garden in far less time and save your back, too!

Radiate Bloom Pad Order Options