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Radiant Crabapple

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Ornamental Tree with Edible Fruit The Radiant Crabapple is an ornamental tree with edible fruit.

Plant one in sight of the neighbors to wow them with its amazing spring display.

The Radiant Crabapple is named for its “radiant ” bloom, and it certainly lives up to that name! Spring will never be the same once you have a Radiant Crabapple in your lawn.

The show begins with the small buds that form on your tree in spring.

Dotted with these little scarlet gems, the branches come alive with color as the buds swell into the deep pink 1 1/3-inch blossoms that will cover your tree for weeks.

The blooms succulent fragrance will draw bees and butterflies to your yard for even more spring majesty, and the show doesn’t stop there.

As the leaves emerge on your Crabapple branches, you’ll be treated to even more brilliant color when they display their red-purple hues before adopting the vigorous green of summer.

In the fall, 1/2-inch crabapples will ripen, ready for you to harvest for cider, various culinary dishes or even just a quick snack.

Remember however to leave a few on the tree for your wildlife, as the crabapples are sought after nutrition in the early winter months for many creatures.

The Radiant Crabapple is a fast-growing tree with a broad, rounded crown.

It’s hardy and sure to provide you with an abundance of benefits and years of enjoyment.
* Outstanding spring color
* Edible fruit
* Wildlife interest
* Hardy.

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