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Quick Fire Hydrangea

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Re- Blooming, Early Hydrangea Waiting patiently for your hydrangeas to bloom can be frustrating.

but wait no more with Quick Fire Hydrangea! Quick Fire’s bloom will appear “quickly ” in your yard, its magnificent blossoms bursting onto the scene up to a month earlier than other hydrangea varieties.

Quick Fire Hydrangea blooms mid-summer through fall, resplendent in its color-changing coat of first white, then pink, before finally deepening to a rosy-pink hue.

The vibrant green of the foliage fills out the space between the blossoms, completing the ornamental picture in your landscape.

Your Quick Fire Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that will grow 6-8 feet tall with an equal spread.

It’s adaptable to a variety of soil types and the flowers aren’t affected by soil P H.

Quick Fire is very hardy, often thought of as one of the easiest hydrangea varieties to grow.

Use several Quick Fire for a stunning hedge or just one to draw the eye to your hydrangea garden (where it will be the first to start the show each year).

Quick Fire also does well as a container plant, adding a bit of elegance to your patio or pool-side setting.

Considering that it blooms earlier than other hydrangea varieties, provides a floral show from summer through fall, and even provides winter interest with its dried flowers, Quick Fire Hydrangea is an easy choice for the home gardener.

Extend your hydrangea season this year with Quick Fire Hydrangea!
* Early bloom
* Fall interest
* Drought tolerant
* Useful as a cut or dried flower Pruning Woody Hydrangeas

Quick Fire Hydrangea Order Options