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Purple Prince Crabapple

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Brilliant Foliage, Flower and Fruit Purple Prince Crabapple is an ornamental tree valued for its brilliant foliage, flowers and fruit.

Its year-round interest makes it perfect for locations where the rough, grey bark and dangling, scarlet crabapples can add to the winter landscape.

A front or side yard location would be a lovely choice for Purple Prince, as it’s useful as both a shade and ornamental tree.

Your Purple Prince Crabapple has probably the best purple foliage you’ll ever see on a crabapple tree.

Emerging a vivid purple-bronze in the spring, the leaves maintain their color well into the summer before transitioning to green, and then a golden hue for fall.

The 5-petal, hot-pink flowers virtually smother the tree early in the season, a stunning spectacle of color and fragrance for your spring yard.

The fruit consists of 3/8-inch, round crabapples that persist from summer and into the winter months.

Your wildlife will love them, and so will you if made into jelly or similar dishes (they’re not generally enjoyed raw).

Purple Prince Crabapple is a deciduous ornamental tree growing to about 20 feet tall with an equal spread.

It has a dense, rounded form that presents a pleasing silhouette in the landscape.

Although fast-growing, Purple Prince does not suffer from stem splitting as some rapid growth trees do, and it’s quite disease resistant.

It isn’t fussy about soil conditions and can even thrive in urban environments.

If you’re looking for an ornamental crabapple tree, look no further.

Purple Prince Crabapple is an outstanding choice for brilliant foliage, flowers and fruit!
* Colorful foliage
* Spring floral display
* Fruit
* Wildlife interest
* Year round interest

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