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Purple Fountain Grass

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Ornamental Grass with Stately Purple Plumes Purple Fountain Grass, Pennisetum setaceum ‘ Rubrum’, is an ornamental grass that is brilliant and beautiful year round.

One would look outstanding in your rock garden, and they’re particularly spectacular in groups.

You could even put a couple in pots for a stately welcome to your front porch or patio.

Imagine a 4 foot wide patch of grass with long narrow leaves reaching 3 feet into the sky and gently swaying in the summer breeze.

Now envision those leaves a deep burgundy color.

That alone would be a remarkable plant for your yard, but next comes the bloom.

In summer, tall stems will soar up above the foliage, reaching 5 feet in height and tipped with foot-long, fluffy plumes of matching burgundy.

As they age, the plumes will gently arch as they take on a tan hue and persist into fall.

What a spectacle! Your Purple Fountain Grass is both drought and heat resistant.

Its decorative plumes will persist into fall and do well as cut flowers.

They work particularly well in craft projects when dried.

Deer don’t bother this grass, and it’s easy to care for.

Purple Fountain Grass is an easy to care for ornamental grass that really delivers.

It’s the kind of plant that will stand out wherever you place it, and will look great in almost any location.

Plant one or several today!
* Colorful foliage
* Purple plumes

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