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Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush

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Magnificent Purple Blooms

Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush is a newer cultivar of Butterfly Bush that won’t crowd out its neighbors in your garden. It’s most valued for its superior ornamental features that are particularly attractive to butterflies.

The planting possibilities for this beautiful bush are endless. Hedges, rock gardens and borders are all excellent uses for your Purple Emperor. It will even do well as a container plant on your patio.

Your Purple Emperor’s outstanding feature is of course its long-running, summer bloom. Ten-inch long clusters of delightful, mauve flowers blossom from June right up until the first frost.

Elliptic, serrated green leaves (with a slight gloss), add an elegant accent to the willowy branches and bright blooms. The overall effect is stunning in any setting.

Both the fragrance and appearance of your Purple Emperor is sure to draw both you and your yard’s pollinators with its exquisite attributes.

It is one of the newer Proven Winners selections, and much smaller than the typical Butterfly Bushes you’ll see. In fact, it’s about one-third the size of most Butterfly Bush varieties. If you’ve always thought you don’t have room for a Butterfly Bush, then Purple Emperor may be your answer.

Purple Emperor is rather hardy, with no significant disease or insect issues, so an easy plant to care for as well.

Plant a Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush today and get ready for a low-maintenance plant with a multitude of ornamental and wildlife appeal.

  • Long-lasting, impressive blooms
  • Smaller size
  • Fragrant Flower

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