Garden Plant: Purple D’ Oro Daylily

Purple D' Oro Daylily Garden Plant

Purple D’ Oro Daylily

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Lavender Ruffles on a Compact Plant The Daylily Purple D’ Oro, Hemerocallis ‘ Purple D’ Oro’ (De Groot, ’00), has edge ruffled blooms that are lavender in color and with a yellow throat on semi-evergreen foliage.

Purple De Oro is related to the very popular Stella D’ Oro Daylily and will bloom from June through October.

It is a reliable rebloomer.

It can survive harsh conditions that many other plants can not and prefers full sun for the best performance.

Daylilies are some of the easiest plants to grow and are a good choice for any gardener.

They will grow in almost any soil and handle drought to wet soil conditions.

Use for stand alone plantings, edging, in borders or in mixed containers and tubs.
* Ruffled Lavender Blooms with Yellow Throat
* Compact Plant
* Reblooms All Summer

Purple D' Oro Daylily Order Options