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Pumpkin Hypericum Garden Plant

Pumpkin Hypericum

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Florist Quality Berries You have seen Hypericum berries before.

They are those lovely red, deep pink or bright orange berries that come in flower arrangements you buy at the store.

They last for weeks in the vase and add that extra little ‘something special’ to the display.

Well, now you can grow your own at home for your own flower arrangements to make them look as pretty as the professionals.

Pumpkin Hypericum (Hypericum inodorum ‘ Kolmapuki’) is a relatively new introduction from First Edition Plants, and it is a standout! As opposed to traditional red, pink or deep orange, Pumpkin has glowing orange/pink berries.

The color looks great with almost any other flower color in your vases or garden.

Pumpkin is covered with pretty yellow flowers in the spring and beautiful rich green foliage all summer.

The great berries show up in fall, just in time for holiday decorating.

Part of the St.

John’s Wort family, different parts of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes, too.

(Consult a good Herbology book before you attempt to use this plant medicinally.

) These plants fit easily into your perennial borders or containers and is a must-have in your cutting garden.

These are wonderful shrubs that will sell out quickly, so order yours from us today!
* Spring flowers
* Autumn berries
* Great for cutting

Pumpkin Hypericum Order Options